Crossroads Market is a full-service grocery store, with a pretty awesome catering service. We pride ourselves on being all about QUALITY, SERVICE, and the COMMUNITY. You’ll find fresh and house-made items; local producers and suppliers; quality, good-for-you choices. We welcome you to check us out, see what we are all about, and raise the bar on your grocery shopping experience. We invite you to check out our curbside or delivery services.

Curbside Pickup
Grab your groceries on the run with Crossroads’ Curbside Pickup service. Just use our easy online ordering system, we will collect the items, and your order will be ready and waiting for you. Take advantage of the reserved curbside pickup parking and notify us when you have arrived by either calling the store at 920.294.3340 or open your confirmation email and click the “Check In” button.  Pop your truck, open the hatch or direct us to which door and we will load your items right in your car for you. Available daily 10am – 6pm. No service fee. Kindly give us a 2-hour notice.

Home Delivery
Want your groceries delivered right to your door? Crossroads does it! Just use our online ordering system and Crossroads will do the shopping for you! It’s that easy! We’re sorry, city ordinances prevent us from delivering alcohol at this time, but feel free to change your order to Pickup and we will have it ready and waiting for you.  Let us know if you would like your items left at the door, put in a specific location, or brought in for you. We are happy to help!  Available Monday thru Saturday 10am – 5pm. A service fee will be applied based on your proximity to the store. Kindly give us a 24-hour notice.

Crossroads’ Own
What does it mean when you see “Crossroads’ Own” by one of our products?  That means we make that item in house. Our recipe, our ingredients, our hands preparing that item. We pride ourselves on made-in-house deli salads, scratch made bakery items, and traditional and specialty meats cut in house. You’ll sometimes hear us refer to the Crossroads’ Own items as our “good goods” because they are just that. Good, goods.

Why Choose Crossroads?
When you shop online with Crossroads, you can can rest easy that your items are being picked with care. Our team of personal shoppers work hard to pick the best items and to meet the needs of your requests.  If we are out of an item, we aim to find a substitute that is to your liking.  We never want to make assumptions, so we reach out either via text, email or phone call to see what you’d prefer.  Whether it’s loading your car, bringing your packages inside your home for you, or even showing you how to use our system, we are here to help! It’s that extra little bit of customer service that we pride ourselves on and that keeps our guests coming back.


When you’re at the crossroads, turn to us!